PostHeaderIcon Some Unique Green Gift Ideas

If you are interested in “going green” and want to find green gift ideas for those on your list, you have many choices and options. Canvas tote bags are a great choice; they can be used for art supplies, school supplies, or groceries and other shopping. They cut down on the waste generated by making and using plastic bags, and just about anyone and everyone finds use for them.

Other eco-friendly gifts include permanent coffee cups for those who are always on the go. A ceramic cup or travel mug is a good way to eliminate the use of paper cups by those who drink coffee every day. Those paper cups are part of the problem of deforestation, and the energy used to manufacture and deliver them should also be considered. Choosing eco friendly cups is a small change but it can add up to big results when you think about the number of cups that wind up in landfills every year. If you choose this as your gift item, you might also inspire others to make positive choices when it comes to their shopping and everyday habits.

Other green gift ideas include plants, both indoor and outdoor, as these help to keep the environment clean and can encourage healthy soil. Giving a plant to a child is a good way to get him or her interested in conservation, the environment, and the world around them. You might also choose items that are made from recycled materials, such as jewellery pieces or home furnishings. If it’s noted that they’ve been made from recycled items, this too can encourage someone to become interested in recycling and in purchasing items that are made with less waste. The small changes they may make to become more eco friendly can add up to big results down the road.

PostHeaderIcon Disposable Cups VS The Eco Cup

You may well have thought about the implications of paper waste in America and beyond – it may never have crossed your mind. Either way, here are a few facts to get you up to date, and an opportunity to actively make a difference.

How many disposable cups are manufactured each year?
The answer is larger than you may expect. Around 500 billion disposable cups are made each year around the world. That equates to about 75 disposable cups for each person on the planet. If each person simply bought a reusable coffee cup , these extreme levels of waste would be a non-issue.

How much of what we produce is reusable?
Not enough. About half of the plastic used in the world these days is made for single-use items. That is, people use them once, bin them, and contribute to the problem. Eco-friendly cups are the logical solution to a great portion of this problem.

How does the USA contribute to this problem?
In America alone, each year 58 billion disposable cups are thrown away. That works out to 158 cups per American. Alternatively, if each citizen purchased just one reusable coffee cup, they could spare the world of 157 wasteful paper cups each year.

How many trees have been cut down to make paper products?
Nearly 4 billion trees have now been cut down to be used for the manufacture of paper products. That means that around 35% of the trees cut down are used to make paper products which are likely to end up as useless waste. An eco cup is one way to counterbalance this problem.

Disposable cups had their place in the world once, but evidently are now causing more harm than good. Reusable coffee cups make a lot of sense as the more environmentally sustainable alternative.

PostHeaderIcon Fun and Personal Green Gift Ideas

If you’re interested in conservation and recycling and in helping to save the planet as much as possible, you may be interested in some fun and personal green gift ideas. These are meant to be healthy for the environment and to encourage others to be responsible in their choices regarding anything that impacts the planet. Recycling, foregoing disposable items, and planting trees can help to preserve the environment in small ways, all of which adds up to big results.

Some fun and personal gift ideas may include personalised totes that can be used for groceries and other shopping. If you add a personal note, logo, or other saying, you may find that these are the best gifts for anyone. A fun cartoon, their name or initial, or a slogan that means something to them can make for the best eco friendly gifts.

Small trees are also fun and personal green gift ideas. These can be planted outside or kept indoors where they help to clean the air and to give a space a cozy, comfortable feeling. Live plants are also a good idea; check for the meaning behind certain plants to make them even more personal.

Other choices may include eco friendly cups . Travel mugs or ceramic mugs with lids are a great idea for those who drink coffee often or who are on the road every day. These too can be personalised with a name, company name, logo, slogan, or anything else that makes them personal to your gift recipient. These to make for great gift ideas because they cut down on paper waste and pollution created during the manufacturing of paper cups.

Tune in to your gift recipient and think of what they might enjoy and be able to use and you’re sure to find the perfect gift for them.

PostHeaderIcon A Brief Description of Renewable Energy Sources

What are renewable energy sources and why are they so important? We keep hearing these terms “renewable energy”, “renewable resources”, “renewable energy sources” all over the news and in political discussions world wide. But what is meant by these terms? Renewable energy sources are, absolutely and fundamentally, the types of motion we, or, rather, the earth, can replenish. Short of blowing up the earth, these energy sources would continue to exist, extracting energy from the ecosystem, and delivering it to us in easily usable forms.

This is quite different from the major sources of energy we use right now, namely fossil fuels. True, if we did use all of our fossil fuels, they would eventually one day be replenished. But it takes the earth tens of thousands of years, maybe longer, to filter the carbon out of the atmosphere and put it back under the soil. Because this process takes so long, we consider that fossil fuels are non-renewable. No one alive now will ever see these energy sources put back in the ground.

But we were talking about renewable energy sources. What types of these resources exist?

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PostHeaderIcon The Definition of Renewable Energy

The definition of renewable energy is dependent on the term renewable. An energy source that naturally replenishes is considered renewable. Unlike fossil fuels which take millions of years to form, wind, rain, water and sunlight are self contained and naturally replenishing, thus renewable.

Many people think solar energy, the most popular form of renewable energy, is a new concept. The truth is solar panels were used as far back as the 1920s to heat water in lieu of more expensive electrical heating systems.

Renewable Energy Past to Present

When fossil fuels were unearthed, much of the previous solar energy use was abandoned for the cheaper, more reliable fossil fuels. As these fuels began to have an impact on the environment and their levels diminished, a resurgence of the renewable energy sources occurred.

Today, wind farms, solar electrical plants and solar thermal plants are used to power entire towns and cities.

Alternative energy communities are also popping up throughout the world with Canada being the first country to boast of an entire community based on solar energy. Technology is constantly changing and the future definition of renewable energy is also changing.

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